Non-Resident License $151.25, Tag 237.50.
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This is a 4-Day (1x1) fully guided and outfitted hunt.  The Cost is $2,500.00, additional days are $350.00.

Arizona offers some extraordinary bear hunting with many record book boars harvested every year.  We primarily hunt in late summer to early fall (Aug to Oct.) during this time bears are very active as they spend many hours a day rummaging for food.  A bears come in many color phases: Black, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Blonde.  During this hunt expect to do a great deal of hiking, so you must be in shape.  These hunts offer a lot of excitement and have a very high success rate on this hunt and can offer a list of references ...

This hunt includes pickup and delivery to Tucson International Airport, lodging and meals for the duration of the hunt and field preparation of trophy .

TAGS: Spring tags are issued by drawing only, 2012 drawing deadline is Tuesday October 10.


Fall tags are available over the counter for both Archery and Rifle!!!


General (fall): August 6-9, 20-23, September 3-6, 21 - 24 and October 11 - 20. 

Archery (fall): August 5-8. 

General (spring): March 19 - April 25. 

Archery (spring): March 19 - April 25.

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Keith Hubbard - arizona black bear
Southern AZ, mature sow

Keith Hubbard - arizona black bear
Southern AZ boar

Keith Hubbard - arizona black bear
Outfitter Keith Hubbard with the 2009 Commissioners Tag boar

JM - Boar arizona black bear
John Macuilla with a big ol boar

AZ Black Bear

Eric Hanshew with late summer bear

AZ Black Bear
B&C boar


Phil Mazzio

Keith Hubbard


Phil Mazzio

Phil Mazzio 

Jim Novac - SCI Gold Medal



Arizona offers a spring and fall season.  The spring tags are issued by drawing only while the fall tags are available over the counter.  Our hunts take place in the scenic and rugged mountain ranges of central and southern Arizona.    If you looking for a very exciting bear hunt try our fall season.  During August and Septembers the bears become very active.  A majority of them will move down out of the higher country in search for Prickly Pear fruit.  For these hunts we will spend most of thehubbard day glassing open country concentrating on prickly pear laced hill sides.  If the bears have not moved down in to the foothills we will concentrate on higher elevations, up here the bears forage on Manzanita berries, acorns and fungus.  These hunts we will spend a majority of the day glassing  oak thickets and drainages, once a bear is located we will use a predator call to bring them in.  If you are looking for an exciting and challenging black bear hunt then try fall hunting in Arizona.




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